Safety Database Hosting

"Welcome to our hosting service, where we provide reliable and secure safety database hosting. Our safety database hosting service offers top-of-the-line infrastructure and support to ensure zero downtime. With a range of customizable plans to choose from, we can accommodate the unique needs and budget of any business."

An Overview of our Safety Database Hosting Solutions

Single/Multitenant Hosting

Single/Multitenant Hosting allows for the flexibility to choose between a dedicated environment for exclusive use (single-tenant) or a shared infrastructure accommodating multiple users (multitenant), catering to diverse hosting needs..

Pre-Validated Database

A pre-validated database ensures that it meets predefined quality and compliance standards before implementation, streamlining the validation process and ensuring reliability in data management.

On Cloud/On Premise

The choice between on-cloud and on-premise solutions allows organizations to tailor their infrastructure preferences, opting for the flexibility of cloud-based services or the control of on-premise installations based on their specific needs.

Compliant with global safety requirements

Adhering to global safety standards, our systems are designed to be fully compliant with international safety requirements, ensuring a secure and reliable environment.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Our Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions are meticulously designed to safeguard critical data, providing a reliable and swift recovery mechanism in the face of unforeseen disruptions.

Data Migration, Patches & Upgrades

Efficiently managing data migration, patches, and upgrades, we ensure seamless transitions and system enhancements to keep your operations up-to-date and optimized.

Web-based (URL)

Our sophisticated system is meticulously crafted to be web-based, ensuring accessibility through a simple URL interface. Engineered for both high performance and availability, it stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering a seamless and reliable user experience, whether accessing data or executing operations.

Efficient Single Case Processing and Expedited Reporting

Our streamlined approach to efficient single case processing and expedited reporting ensures timely and accurate handling of critical data, prioritizing swift actions and compliance in the pharmacovigilance workflow.

Integrated case management and workflow

Integrated case management and workflow streamline operations, providing a cohesive and efficient approach to handling cases, optimizing processes for comprehensive and organized pharmacovigilance management.

A future-proof platform

Our pharmacovigilance platform is future-proof, designed to evolve seamlessly with advancing technologies and regulatory requirements, ensuring sustained effectiveness and relevance in the dynamic landscape of healthcare and drug safety.


Why it works?

✓ Make faster, better safety decisions with scientific querying and analytics

✓ Improve quality and efficiency through safety integration and automation

✓ Offers an integrated, highly scalable end-to-end platform

✓ Models virtually any business process

✓ Enhance compliance with E2B (R3) and GDPR

✓ Conduct global case processing that scales easily

✓ Provides visibility into reporting metrics & compliance

✓ Supports worldwide operations with single global database including Japan

✓ Leverages a common code base and regular release schedule

✓ Integration with other tools & modules

Tailored for precision and compliance

Our state-of-the-art platform ensures seamless pharmacovigilance and safety monitoring. Experience robust data management, real-time insights, and a comprehensive suite of tools designed to elevate your safety processes.

Hosting & Support Features

- Data Migration : From ARGUS/ ARISg/ AERS/ Perceive/ Sceptre
- Patches/ Upgrades
- Technical & Functional Support
- Argus Training

- Regulatory compliance (HIPAA/ 21CFR/ GDPR)
- Custom Reports & Metrics
- Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

- Prevalidated hosting implementation on cloud/ on premise
- Computer System Validation
- Database Configuration/ Customization

- Workflow & Dictionary Management
- Business & Reporting Rules
- Integration with other tools & modules

A Personalized Solution

Embark on a personalized journey with our Single Tenant Hosting, offering an exclusive environment dedicated to your unique needs. Alternatively, dive into the synergy of shared resources with our Multitenant Hosting, fostering collaboration and maximizing efficiency across a diverse user base.

Single Tenant

Single Tenant

An Architecture where each company has their own instance of the software application and
supporting infrastructure. Think of it like a neighborhood community. Each household can customize their property as desired. By having a single hosted instance, the purchaser can tweak and customize the software to meet their needs.
Higher cost associated with implementation and configuration


An Architecture where multiple companies share the same instance to store their data in segregated databases
This instance is partitioned to prevent other tenant companies from accessing neighbor’s data.
This is like high-rise building where the floor plans are generally set,but minor changes can be made to
the individual units. Low cost associated with shared common infrastructure,implementation and configuration

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