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Our safety database hosting solutions can be customized into single tenant and multi-tenant systems. Pay for what you use and what your requirement is.

Hosting & Support Features

Safety Database Hosting

- Data Migration : From ARGUS/ ARISg/ AERS/ Perceive/ Sceptre
- Patches/ Upgrades
- Technical & Functional Support
- Argus Training

4C Pharma Solutions

- Regulatory compliance (HIPAA/ 21CFR/ GDPR
- Custom Reports & Metrics
- Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Safety Database Hosting

- Pre validated hosting implementation on cloud/ on premise
- Computer System Validation
- Database Configuration/ Customization

Safety database hosting

- Workflow & Dictionary Management
- Business & Reporting Rules
- Integration with other tools & modules

Safety Database Hosting Overview

Single case processing and expedited reporting

Integrated case management and workflow

Web-based (URL), high-performance, high-availability system


Compliant with global safety requirements

Flexible configuration to model a wide range of business processes

Safety Database Hosting

The benefits of a single-tenant system include:

Customization: Single-tenant systems can be customized to meet the specific needs of each customer, including customized workflows, integrations, and user interfaces. This level of flexibility is not available in multi-tenant systems.
Better Performance: With dedicated resources, single-tenant systems offer better performance and reliability.
Compliance: For industries with strict compliance requirements, such as healthcare, a single-tenant system can be a more secure and compliant option.
Scalability: Single-tenant systems can be more easily scaled to meet the needs of growing businesses. Additional resources can be added as needed without affecting the performance of other customers.

Single Tenant

An Architecture where each company has their own instance of the software application and
supporting infrastructure. Think of it like a neighborhood community. Each household can customize their property as desired. By having a single hosted instance, the purchaser can tweak and customize the software to meet their needs.
Higher cost associated with implementation and configuration

Benefits of Multi-tenant Systems

Cost-effectiveness: Multi-tenant systems can be more cost-effective because they allow multiple users to share the same resources and infrastructure. This reduces the overall cost of hardware, software, maintenance, and upgrades.
Centralized Management: This reduces the complexity of managing multiple instances of the same software and allows for easier monitoring and control.
Faster Deployment: Multi-tenant systems can be deployed faster than single-tenant systems because the same software instance can be used to serve multiple tenants.

Multi-tenant Systems

An Architecture where multiple companies share the same instance to store their data in segregated databases
This instance is partitioned to prevent other tenant companies from accessing neighbor’s data.
This is like high-rise building where the floor plans are generally set,but minor changes can be made to
the individual units. Low cost associated with shared common infrastructure,implementation and configuration

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