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4C is the market leader amongst the Medical Information Call Center vendors serving across the globe.

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4C's MICC Solutions

4C is the market leader among the Medical Information Call Center vendors serving across the globe. 4C takes pride in delivering nothing but the best for our customers. We are completely equipped in providing end to end MICC solutions under one roof, from the calls being handled by only trained HCPs , world-class three-way language translation service, follow-up calls, and now we have our very own newly launched automated MICC Software. We are one of the very few MICC vendors to be able to provide such solutions to our clients.

24/7 Support

We have a dedicated team of HCPs to support your Medical Information Call Center 24/7

Global Multilingual Support

We support all languages

Qualified HCPs for MICC

Only qualified and well-trained health care professionals to cater to your calls

Inbound MI / AE / PQCs

We have a streamlined intake process to handle any type of contact (calls, emails, faxes, web support messages etc.) for prompt response and resolution to Medical Inquiries, Product Quality Complaints and Adverse Event Reports


The Best Medical Information Call Center

Follow-up calls

Targeted Questionnaires

Field Alert Reports


Product Replacement & Refund Support

User-friendly Dashboard with Metrics

Automated Medical Information Call Center Software

Medical Information Call Center Automation

TrominoSoft developed this software TrominoCARE.

The TrominoCARE Medical Information Call Center (MICC) system automates the day-to-day activities of medical information call centers. Our product helps in streamlining the processes within MICC with well-orchestrated and customizable workflows.

The MICC system is designed to handle all types of calls related to Medical Inquiry, Product Quality Complaints and Adverse Events. The application also integrates with medical dictionaries for easy medical coding, and safety databases to avoid duplication of data entry efforts.

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Quality driven systems

Currently, 4C has its own cloud based PBX systems in multiple countries allowing for a system that is reliable without any interruption. 

We are capable of implementing and executing a call center in any global region that is required with a quick ramp up time that is extremely efficient.

Working with your products, our team is capable of providing a QUALITY driven system at a low cost, with constant upgrades occurring as new regulations are ever-changing.

4C is one of the most sought after MICC vendors who believe in providing nothing but the best for our customers.

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