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4C Pharma Solutions is committed to provide 24/7 seamless multilingual Medical Information Call Center support across the globe.

The Most Trusted Medical Information Call Center

At 4C Pharma Solutions, we take pride in our Medical Information Call Center Solutions, a cornerstone of our comprehensive healthcare offerings. With a keen focus on excellence, our specialized call center solutions are tailored to meet the unique communication needs of the healthcare industry.

Global 24/7 Support

Multi-lingual Support

100% QC of all calls

Qualified HCPs

Subject Screening

Live Monitoring

Follow Up Calls

Customer Service Calls

Inbound Inquiries / AE / PQCs

A state-of-the-art homegrown software, TrominoCARE. The TrominoCARE system automates the day-to-day activities of medical information call centers. It possesses a single, feature-rich database that supports overall life cycle management of Medical Information Call Center (MICC) operations.



Dedicated Call Center

- DID number
- Email account for receiving information, follow-up, and managing correspondence with clients and healthcare professionals.

Intake and Handling of Product Quality Complaints

- Quality Defects
- Handling replacements and refund requests
- Data Entry
- HCP letters, Consumer letters etc.

Querying Medical Information

Safety database for case data and historical review

Initial Call Triage

- Medical Inquiries
- Handling AE calls
- Data Entry
- HCP letters, consumer letters etc

Response Generation

- Medical inquiries from consumers & healthcare professionals
- Standard response letters

Quality Control

Ensuring implementation of appropriate quality control and assurance procedures

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