A Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions Company

By foreseeing (4C-ing) Your Service and Compliance Needs, Offering Exceptional Value Proposition, Enabled by Our Turn Key Automated Solutions, Accompanied by the Dedicated 2-in-the-box Model.

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We believe in our 4 C's 

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We believe in our 4 C's 

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We believe in our 4 C's 

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We believe in our 4 C's 

Our Services

A Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions Company

As a leading provider of comprehensive healthcare solutions, we specialize in a range of critical services designed to ensure the safety, compliance, and efficiency of your operations.


Prioritizing patient safety, regulatory compliance, and brand integrity, our Pharmacovigilance services ensure the highest standards in healthcare.


Our Materiovigilance services prioritize the safety and compliance of medical devices, reflecting our unwavering commitment to healthcare excellence.

Safety Database Hosting

Our Safety Database Hosting ensures secure and reliable platform for efficient management of critical safety data, meeting industry standards.

Regulatory Affairs

Transform your regulatory landscape with our regulatory affairs services, a comprehensive solution designed to navigate the complexities of compliance and market access.

Medical Writing

Unlock the power of precise communication with our medical writing services. We specialize in crafting clear, compliant an scientifically accurate documents tailored to your needs.

Medical Information Call Center

Our medical information call center services provide dynamic solutioning from our 24/7 experts for both patients and healthcare professionals.



Inception of 4C Pharma Solutions

In 2014, 4C Pharma Solutions embarked on its journey. Our founders, all experienced medical doctors, bring a wealth of practical medical expertise to our organization.


Onboarded our First Client

Got ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 Certification


Recognized as one of the "Top 10 CROs" by PharmaIQ.

Welcomed aboard three of the leading Pharma companies among the Top 10.


First FDA Inspection

We are proud to announce that during our inaugural FDA inspection, 4C successfully navigated the process with exceptional results—zero findings.


We crafted cutting-edge MICC software

In partnership with our sister company, we co-developed TrominoCARE, an advanced MICC software, setting new standards in technological innovation.


Venturing into the Rare Product Market

Onboarded three new mid-sized pharmaceutical companies specializing in the Rare Product Segment.


Full Cloud Integration of MICC Services

Through the pandemic, we maintained uninterrupted service—zero downtime. Additionally, honored as one of the 'Top 100 Most Innovative Service Providers' in 2020.


Venture into the Cannabinoids Market

4C Pharma Solutions has been selected as the preferred service provider for Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information Call Center (MICC) by a prominent player in the cannabinoids market.


Accredited with " Best startup 2022"

In 2022, 4C Pharma Solutions received accreditation as one of the '15 Best New Jersey Call Center Companies and Startups


Big Collaboration

Partnering with a leading CRO in the industry, 4C collaborated to deliver top-tier MICC services. Additionally, 4C is proud to be recognized as a Great Place to Work certified company.



Exceptional Value Proposition

It signifies that not only do we offer competitive pricing, but the quality and benefits you receive in return far exceed the price you pay. Our commitment to superior price performance means that we strive to provide the best balance of affordability and quality, ensuring that you get the most value for your investment.


Turn Key Solution

At 4C Pharma Solutions, we understand the challenges of managing complex projects or businesses. That's why we offer turnkey solutions, your all-in-one answer to streamlining processes and achieving remarkable efficiency. Our turnkey solutions provide you with everything you need to achieve your goals, from project conception to completion.


Dedicated 2 in the box model

At 4C Pharma Solutions, we take client dedication to the next level with our 'Dedicated 2 in the Box' model. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing not just one, but two dedicated experts who are fully immersed in understanding your needs and delivering exceptional solutions.

Our Partners

Collaborating seamlessly, our partners drive innovation and shared success together.

  • Extedo

    Pioneering solutions for streamlined regulatory compliance and data management.

  • MasterControl

    Empowering quality and compliance through cutting-edge software solutions

  • Aris Global

    Revolutionizing life sciences with advanced regulatory solutions.

  • AWS

    Unleashing the power of cloud innovation for limitless possibilities.

  • TrominoSOFT

    Driving digital transformation through innovative software solutions and expertise.

  • Oracle

    Transforming pharmacovigilance with robust safety and compliance solutions.

  • Temple University

    We've collaborated with Temple University to provide students with practical experience in real-world pharmacovigilance systems.

  • TrackWise

    TrackWise is a leading enterprise quality management software utilized by diverse industries, including pharmaceuticals, to enhance efficiency and compliance in managing quality processes.

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